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Costanza Naguib

Assistant professor in econometrics (tenure-track), University of Bern






1. Naguib C. (2021) "How financial turmoil influences earnings mobility: insights from parametric and nonparametric methods". Submitted.

2. Naguib C. (2019) "The Influence of Individual Income Ranks on Job Satisfaction". Submitted.

3. Naguib C. (2020) "Estimating the Heterogeneous Impact of Opening the Borders with Causal Forests". Submitted

4. Naguib C., Gagliardini P. (2020) "Wage Mobility: A Functional Copula Approach". Working paper available here:

5. De Giorgi G., Gambetti L., Naguib C. (2020), "Life Cycle Consumption Inequality: the Black and White Differentials". Working paper available here:

6. De Giorgi G., Naguib C. (2020), "Relocations after natural disasters: Evidence from credit score data".

7. Braccioli F., Naguib C., Pellizzari M. (2020), "Productivity, jobs and wages". 

8. Braccioli F., Ghinetti P., Moriconi S., Naguib C., Pellizzari M. (2020), "Education Expansion, Skills and Labour Market Success"


1. Meier J., Melly B., Naguib C., Schranz M. Conditional distributions of father-son earnings

2. Lehemann T., Meier, J. Naguib C., Pons M. Unemployment reform

3. Naguib C., Stettler C. Income sorting in Switzerland

4. Gilgen L., Naguib C., Tschopp J. Offshoring and income inequality


1. Time series analysis I - University of Bern (bachelor & master)

2. Applied data analysis - University of Bern (master)

3. Machine learning in economics - University of Bern (master)

4. Introduction to mathematics - Università della Svizzera italiana (bachelor, course in Italian)

  • Since June 2019 I am consultant for the World Bank on a project on migration

  • My full CV can be downloaded here:

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